SiaMining ScPrime


Mining Server Addresses

RegionURLStratum PortClaymore Stratum
US Eastus-east.siamining.com33667766
US Westus-west.siamining.com33667766

Getting Started

  1. Get a ScPrime address
    • You can grab the ScPrime client and use it to generate an address. (An address is a sequence of 76 hexadecimal characters.)
  2. Get a compatible miner
    • ASIC miners come with their own software, which is usually configured over your local network. All known Blake2b ASICs support SiaMining's Stratum protocol (port 3366). The server addresses that you can use are listed at the top of this page. Some miners allow you to specify more than one, for failover.

  3. Connect to the pool

    You must use your ScPrime address as the username; you can optionally specify a worker name (to help you keep track of your miners) by adding it after a single dot (.). A full username would therefore be of the form YourAddress.WorkerName. You can use any password.

    Here is a sample configuration. You can use any URL from the list at the top of this page.

    Worker:    YourAddress.WorkerName
    Password:  x
  4. Check your stats

    Once you've started mining, you can check your stats by entering your ScPrime address below.